What is RAM (Random Access Memory) ??

ramRAM stands for Random Access Memory.

RAM is a form of computer data storage which allows data items to be read and write in the same time regardless of the order in which data items are accessed. In contrast, other secondary storage like hard disks, CD-RWs and DVD-RWs etc, time required read and write varies with data item’s form.

#Most RAMs are volatile memory because we can’t get back stored information when power is interrupted.

 Types of RAM:

Main types of modern RAM are :

1. SRAM(Static RAM)

2. DRAM( Dynamic RAM)

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Improve Your YouTube Search Experience


In this blog I am telling about some interesting YouTube Search Operators to improve your YouTube  search.

1. Search for Channels:-

Search channel name, channel like  google india, channel.YouTube will only show you channels that match the query you have searched for.

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How To Keep Your Email Account Secure


If you want to secure your Email account like Gmail , Yahoo , Hotmail or Reddifmail , then here are some useful tips for you.

1. Choose Good Password For Your Email Account :

With so many of us use email everyday and in all areas of our lives like business transactions , so it is essential to keep email secure. Use strong password to protect your email from hackers /script kiddies. You should use digits ,alphanumeric characters ,specific symbols (@#$%^&*!_+) . Don’t use your birth date or your pet name as password .And once you have a strong password, don’t write it down or send it via email. Continue reading How To Keep Your Email Account Secure