Improve Your YouTube Search Experience


In this blog I am telling about some interesting YouTube Search Operators to improve your YouTube  search.

1. Search for Channels:-

Search channel name, channel like  google india, channel.YouTube will only show you channels that match the query you have searched for.

2. For longer videos:-

search for your query,long like hacking, long. YouTube will only show you videos based on you search query longer than 20 monutes.

3.Find short videos(smaller than 4 minutes):-

search for  your search query,short like hacking, shortSimilar to the long keyword, you can also use the short keyword to get only the videos that are shorter than 4 minutes.

4. Find videos of hd version:-

Search for your query , hd like movies, hd  and you will find top posts/movies which have HD print. You can search for any query and YouTube will show results having HD print.

5. Search for a video playlist:-

Search for your search query,playlist like Apple iPhone,playlist. you will get video playlist for your search query .

6. Get 3D videos on YouTube:- 

get 3D videos by searching  your search query,3D like Yahoo,3D.

“make sure you have 3D glasses and device is also comptable for 3D content,otherwise you will find a bad picture quality like 1mp or 2mp”. 

7. Search for Movies on YouTube:-

search for your search query,movie like 3 idiots,movie. YouTube also have full length movies. It’s not necessary that the movie you are looking for will be available on YouTube, don’t get worried if you don’t find it. YouTube has a good collection of movies but not all.

8. Search for videos uploaded within a time-period:-

search  your search query,(time-period) like Yahoo,week to get videos on Yahoo uploaded within a week.You can search videos that were upload within the last hour (hour), that were uploaded the current day (today), during the past week (week), month (month) and year (year).

9. Search live streaming videos on YouTube :-

search  your search query,live like news,livefor live streaming videos based on your search query. So if you want to see any TV serial, movie, news, music & other program live, then you can try for this. Your channel should have be live on YouTube. 

10. Search YouTube videos with exact search term :-

For  a particular search term YouTube has a keyword “intitle”  like Aaj Tak intitle:liveUsing the operator, you have forced YouTube to show only the results that have the live word in them.

11.Exact Match Search on YouTube:-

  For exact match search YouTube has “allintitle” keyword. Use  this keyword like this:  allintitle: “Get Facebook Job” (use without quotes) or “allintitle:get facebook job”.

12. Exclude specific word :-

Using the minus (-) sign in front of any word will exclude all the search results that have that word in the title, description or keywords. like this: forts -india.

13. Find Videos From Official Channels:-

 To find YouTube videos from official channels add “partner” keyword separated by comma(,).

like this : eros now, partner.

14. ix All These Above Filters The Way You Like:-

The best part of these filters is that you can use as many of them together in any way you like. Just combine them to find the videos that you need.  like Adobe intitle:developer,short,hd,partnerSo all the filters will be applied on your search query.

Enjoy your YouTube videos and also improve your search experience. If you don’t want to search in YouTube search bar then you can also use ” Filter ” option of Youtube,which is below YouTube search field.


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