Trace Location of Mobile Number and Find Mobile Owner Name (Easy)

In this modern, technical and very competitive world we need to know about every second person’s details. So here  are some ways to know name by mobile number and other details like location, age etc.

1.Using Facebook Feature:

—-> Open Facebook and follow these steps:

-> As we know, using “Forgot your password” feature of Facebook we can recover our account. So we will use this method to trace name by Mobile Number(Pretty Cool).


-> Now Click on “Forgot your password?” You will find options like this(For Facebook accounts)Untitled2

-> Enter mobile number you want to search for name and after that you will find this type of page. Now you can see Name of the Target body and can research further. But be aware, Don’t mess with anybody’s Facebook account because they can find you easily.Untitled

-> You are Done!!!!

2. Using TRUECALLER App/Website :


By using Truecaller App/Website you can search almost all mobile/phone numbers.

## This app is available in Android play store, Apple Store, Windows Phone Store and Blackberry World.

-> You have to go to Truecaller’s website : and simply search mobile number.

-> After that you have to login with Google+ or Facebook or Yahoo.

-> That’s it.You are done.

Note: There are more sites for search but these are common, simple and sweet methods to search name by mobile number. Others are India Trace, etc.


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