How to Embed or Insert YouTube Video, Soundcloud Song or Any Webpage in Your Website

Many times you want to insert your favourite YouTube video in your website or blog or any website. Sometimes we want to share a website or image(URL) to your website. In this post,  you will find how we can insert YouTube videos, Soundcloud songs and other web pages. I am starting with YouTube.

Embed YouTube video(s) in Any Site :

It’s very simple. Open your favourite YouTube video , “Right Click” on video and select “Get Embed Code”(See Figure).

get youtube video embed code
Now your embed code is ready for insert in any web page. Insert it into your HTML page’s body tag.You will find following type of caption to your web page.

Ping pong youtube caption

And you are done. Your favourite YouTube video is embedded into your web page.

Embed Soundcloud Song in Any Web Page or Blog :

—-> Go to Soundcloud and open your favourite song

—-> Click on “Share” and there is an option of ” Embed”, select embed and get(copy) embed code of the desired song. You can select embed code for WordPress specifically by checking the checkbox in “Embed” page of your song. Like this


Similarly(almost) you can embed any song of Mixcloud in your website.

Embed Any Site In Your Webpage :

—-> Copy URL of the web page, photo, video and website you want to embed.

—-> Go to and paste URL in Embed Code Generator.

—-> Copy embed code and paste it into your web page. And you are done.

You can see the preview of that URL in your web page. This is useful, when you want to share a page or other stuff on your web page. Hope, you enjoyed this post. If you have any difficulty and doubt, you can ask by comments.